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This painting is currently in the "Tacit Galleries" Stockroom.

Click HERE  to purchase this piece or visit 193 Johnston St, Collingwood, Vic 3066, Australia (Wed-Sun 11-5 pm) to see and purchase this painting in person


Size - 24 cm x 28 cm

Price - $730

Medium - Enamel & Acrylic on Aluminum 


The three pieces I created for the exhibition all revolve around the topic of mental health and mental illness. 



The second piece of the 3-part series pretty much explains itself but here is still a little paragraph for anyone that is interested. 

This painting is about people pleasing and the urge to say yes to everything. I realised that a lot of people deal with it and overload themselves with work because they're too scared to upset people and the more you say yes and load yourself with work the sooner the balloon is going to explode and you'll end up burned out.

"YES!"- Available at Tacit Galleries

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