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This painting is currently in the "Tacit Galleries" Stockroom.

Click HERE to purchase this piece or visit 193 Johnston St, Collingwood, Vic 3066, Australia (Wed-Sun 11-5pm) to see and purchase this painting in person


"Wonder Of The Deep Sea" painted on wood panel with acrylics, 41 cm x 60 cm in size, framed & varnished.

Price - $1500


There are so many different pictures out there of mermaids. They're either portrait as the beautiful innocent little mermaid or the monster that is just waiting to hunt down sailors in the ocean. This mermaid for me has both. It still has the cliche sexy mermaid look but shes neither innocent nor is she the evil protagonist here.

"Wonder of the Deep Sea" - Available at Tacit Galleries

Out of Stock
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