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These waterproof shark window decals are perfect for adding a touch of marine life to your car window, house window ... and shower (anything and anywhere really).


These decals are incredibly resistant and durable and quite a statement with a size of 32cm x 50cm.


Choose to have the design with the white background, or have it removed and cut out for a seamless look which I can do for you as long as you choose the option when you order.


What you'll need :

  • 1 spray bottle with water (add some drops of dishwashing liquid)
  • 1 plastic squeegee (any hard-ish plastic card would work)
  • 1 clean microfibre cloth


Application :

  • Lay the decal face down on a flat work area, and peel off the backing from a corner in one smooth motion. 
  • Give the application surface a little spray of the dishwashing liquid and water mix. 
  • Take the decal and gently press it onto the surface (adjust it to where you want it)
  • Take your "squeegee" and (starting from the middle) press outwards to make any air bubbles vanish. 
  • Wipe down the surrounding area with a microfibre cloth and you're DONE !!


P.S. If you don't choose the "remove background" option the sticker will come uncut as a 32cm x 50cm rectangle


Shark Window Decals

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