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Signed copies of my little sketchbook "Shark Journal Volume 1" 



These copies will be signed by me and if you want any specific messages written in it, there is an option to tell me what you would like in it available as well.


Each page contains a little ballpoint pen sketch and some fun facts about your favourite sharks. Even "underrated" sharks like the false catshark or the Daggernose shark, which are barely heard of.

This book started off as a normal sketchbook and then turned into a more serious book which I decided to publish in the end and here it is. Not all of the pages are about sharks, there are a few surprise pages with guests like the "blue ring octopus" which sneaked their way into the book.
Besides that, there are 45 sharks in this book out of 50 pages.

If you are looking for a fun, simple book with beautiful artwork and sketches and want to learn something about these amazing creatures at the same time, this is the book for you.
All of the pictures were hand-drawn with a black ballpoint pen.


The signed copies will be sent out from Australia (Melbourne), so if you want to make sure it arrives before Christmas, please consider purchasing it directly from Amazon as the post is a bit complicated when it comes to sending parcels overseas.  It should be fine and should arrive before Christmas but I can't promise anything


Shark Journal Vol.I

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