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A5, A4, A3, A2 Pet Portraits Commissions. 

A beautiful & realistic portrait of your dog, cat, bird, horse, spider, carpetpython, chicken or whatever pet you might have.

You can choose between a full body portrait or just the head, between a classic landscape, plain or gold background.. there are literally no limits. 
If you want your cat wearing a suit and smoking a cigarette, no problem, everything is possible. 
It's completely up to you if you want the painting in colour or in black and white. 
I even have special goldpaints i could use for the background which would be included. 

IF you choose a painting, it will be painted with Acrylic paint on canvas board, normal canvas or wood.

IF you choose a drawing, It will be drawn with pencils on thick, quality paper.

Pet Portrait Drawing/Painting Commissions

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