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This painting is currently in the "Tacit Galleries" Stockroom.

Click HERE  to purchase this piece or visit 193 Johnston St, Collingwood, Vic 3066, Australia (Wed-Sun 11-5 pm) to see and purchase this painting in person


Size - 28 cm x 24 cm

Price - $730

Medium - Acrylic on Aluminum 



The three pieces I created for the exhibition all revolve around the topic of mental health and mental illness. 


"Have you tried going for a walk?"

If you've been to therapy, the chances are you've heard that sentence/question before. During lockdown I got my mental health plan sorted and decided to look for a therapist which ended up in a bit of a disaster and one of the most ridiculous things that really angered me was this question. Yes, a walk is great, yes it helps brighten up your mood if it's nice outside but if you can't leave your 5km radius and you've been staring at the same suburbian streets for months on end..?

The thing that ended up actually helping me was concentrating on my Shark Journal which I was working on for almost a year on and off. I did have commissions and other projects going on as well but the shark journal was something for me! Everyone that knows me is aware of my growing shark obsession and well, during lockdown that obsession and research saved me in a way. 

"Have you tried going for a walk?" - Available at Tacit Galleries

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