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Very LIMITED amount available at the moment.

30cm x 30cm, 395 gsm, Poly-cotton canvas print (Matt), without a white frame.

These prints of my painting "100 M Sharks) are printed on these beautiful canvas sheets which are super flexible and make the colours pop just like in the original. 
The colours are absolutely vibrant and the texture of the print makes it look like an original.


This painting is very important to me as it highlights the way we treat sharks and other marine life at this time. More than 100 Million sharks get killed every single year which is just heartbreaking. 
I painted this because I found out about a story that someone in NSW (New south wales - Australia) caught a tiger shark at a sport fishing event where he didn't just get a cash prize.. he also got a fine art painting ?! Tiger sharks are on the red list in that area and in so many others. 

So many see it as a game and completely forget about the life they just took and the impact that might have on our environment.



100 M Sharks - Fine art Prints

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