This Painting is all about the peaceful underwater life that I experienced while scuba diving.
I discovered my love for snorkeling and diving a while ago and would count it as one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.
When I was diving around the peer in Rye, i saw this unbelievably gigantic, peaceful smooth stingray swimming past as if i wasn't even there. It just went past, very slowly minding it's own business.
And for some people it might've just been a large underwater animal swimming past but for me it was one of the best experiences in my life.
Just imagine, all you hear is yourself breathing, you turn around and see sand slowly hovering over the ocean ground, like magic and then the next thing you see is this beautiful animal just very slowly swimming past you, like you're not even there. It was a very grounding experience.

So with that artwork i tried to basically bring the piece and magic i felt in that moment onto a canvas board.

Its all made with different acrylic paints on a white canvas board, varnished on the top with a glossy finish, which brought this beautiful creature more to life.