This painting is 28.6 cm x 28.6 cm (11.25 inches x 11.25 inches) big and painted with oils and acrylics. The acrylic paint in the middle on the mountboard is completely matt and the red background is very glossy and shiny thanks to the oil-paint and oil medium used. 


Not every painting has to have a deep meaning so instead of telling you how it connects to me and why I painted it, here is something quite random about .. pigs.


Pigs are associated with so many different meanings but I think the most common ones are negative associations, like filthy, stupid, stubborn and selfish even though Pigs are absolutely fascinating, intelligent and it might surprise you but they're actually quite clean animals. 


The meaning that interested me the most was when you see piglets in your dream it stands for someone new coming into your life, success with your career and new exciting projects are about to happen. Now, do I believe in that sort of stuff? Not particularly.. 

If dreams would mean anything, whoever would read my dream diary would have to set me on fire after page 4 but I still think it is interesting to research these things.