This painting went through so many stages and the experience was definitely a roller coaster I would say. It started off as a practice piece to work more towards my hyperrealistic goal. Shortly after I finished the dress though and it already looked like a human being in a .. sort of renaissance painting, I got bored. Something was missing. 
In lockdown, stressed out because of visa applications and personal things I started thinking about diving, and how much I miss this beautiful under water world, so I started googling underwater statues, corals and different fish and basically knew where that painting was going. Even as a kid I was obsessed with the Ocean and the Story of Atlantis and nothing has changed, except that I know now what It feels like to breathe underwater and to be part of this world thanks to scuba diving. I wanted to show you, what it feels like for me to go down into the unknown world.  There's always something you haven't seen, always something to explore, beautiful creatures to find and all you hear is just the calming sound of yourself breathing.
This painting is varnished and made with acrylics, on 51cm x 41cm wood panel.

Made In Atlantis

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