Whenever I go to the Beach I pick up any trash I can find on my walks and this is how I came across my "canvas" for "Daisea".


A couple of years ago I was walking along a beach in Port Fairy (along the great ocean road) and came across something yellow, poking out of the Ocean. Upon closer inspection, it became pretty clear that it didn't belong in the water so I took off my shoes, walked into the freezing cold water and grabbed it by the yellow tag.


It's been sitting in my little snorkelling bag for the last couple of years just waiting to be painted on and now I finally got around to it. 


Painted on the blade are some venomous little ocean creatures I came across whilst exploring the Ocean over the last years. The blue-ringed octopus and a black and white sea krait. 


I had an encounter with the blue-ringed Octopus at Sandringham beach just a couple of km away from Melbourne. These small octopuses are incredibly venomous and it's said that they carry enough venom to kill around 26 adult humans within minutes. The size of the painting is very accurate to the size of the little friend I saw whilst snorkelling so ..they are tiny!! If they're provoked they'll change colour and the blue rings will shine bright blue.  


I came across the black and white sea snake whilst I was snorkelling at the great barrier reef in 2017 which was absolutely incredible. These snakes also have a highly toxic venom but just like the octopus, if you don't bother them, they don't bother you. 


One of the rules in scuba diving is to not touch any wildlife so as long as you stick to that rule you will be fine. I mean imagine you're just walking down the street and a stranger would start poking you.. I would consider biting as well.


Abalone Knife / Pāua knife / Abalone Iron


I had no idea what it was and for anyone that is as clueless as I was, abalone Irons/knives are used to remove abalone from rocks without harming them (ideally) with their blunt edges. The little tag attached to the handle is used to measure the abalone before removing it.


  • Size : 20cm (7.8 inches) long x 3.2cm (1.25 inches) wide
  • Blade - acrylic paint & gold enamel paint
  • Handle - dots were painted with gold enamel paint