This painting was created on 31.5 x 31.5cm ("12.4 x "12.4) wooden panel with acrylic paint


Do you know how many sharks are getting killed each year as by-catch for shark fin soup, flake, culling, etc? If you thought of a number below 100 Million you are incorrect. 

This painting was inspired by a competition to catch the biggest shark in NSW (that was in 2021). The winner was gifted with a cash prize and a fine art painting. He caught a Tiger shark which was introduced to the RED LIST as an endangered species in Australia and won. This was just an example of thousands of these sorts of competitions happening everywhere. Killing Sharks for fun and to get some prizes in return .. just disgusting. 


10% of this painting are going to Sea Shepherd Australia who have been on the front line when it comes to protecting our oceans and the beautiful creatures in it! 


1 M Sharks